Silent Colour Pop Wall Clock-Orange

3 Sep


The lovely design, very quiet and high quality of simple clock.

The colour adds a bit of sunshine so it gives great effect to your room.

Make a change to your room putting up silent colour pop wall clock to look effective.

Patched Jungle Wall stickers – photo from our customer

27 Aug


Thank you to our customer who uploaded our product photo on Facebook! She loved how it is applied on the wall.

Patched Jungle Wall stickers suit baby’s room which creates bright mood and looks cute.

This wall stickers are recommended for baby’s room and nursery.

Pirates & Treasure Island wall stickers

21 Aug

It will make your children enjoy by looking at the treasure Island characters on the wall and they can make up stories along by looking at the characters by getting ideas from it! It also makes the room more cool and look fancy!

Explore our pirates & Treasure Island Children’s wall stickers via our website:


Review of our DW-1307 product

14 Aug

Review from our customer about DW-1307: planets in the space wall stickers.

One of our customer have uploaded the applied wall stickers and took photo of it.

She said that: “I bought this for educational purpose for my son who’s in primary school.

It is great for him to learn the shapes, names and orders of all the planets in our solar system.”

It is good for your children to study planets and add fun when applying on your wall!


Review of DMT-1509 The World Wall Stickers from Customer!

7 Aug

2015-07-30 18.43.30
We have received fantastic feedback of our new product from our customer !

 “It is very modern and looks stylish when the product is applied on the wall.

Each shape of world wall stickers are detailed and the design is unique.                                                                                   

It is great fun when applying on the wall because it’s like solving a puzzle and it is educational!                                       

It gives me a chance to  explore the world! The World Wall Sticker is perfect to make a change in the offices, missionary center,  educational center and home atmosphere, because it makes the room look fantastic.”          


The world wall stickers are excellent for people who are interested in world map,

you can explore the world and look at the wall and study about each country.

Introducing our new product!

31 Jul

the worldthe world map

Introducing our new arrived product: DMT -1509: The World Wall Stickers

The world wall sticker is ideal for your home and offices which gives modern style effect.

The World map wall sticker includes specific geographical names in detail, this product is  targeted for everyone, it is a great gift for your friends and family!

This World map is educational for everyone which you can explore the world, you can also have fun time decorating your home with your children/family at the same time!

Have a look at our website and find out about this brand new product !

Create your Kids room with Pooh Bear Theme!

24 Jul


Create your kids room with Pooh Bear (Disney Theme)!

Your kids will love it and it will make your kids room brighter and exciting.

It will make your kids smile and enjoy pooh bear’s character every single day.

Let your kids experience Disney characters wallpaper in their room and

Fulfill with happiness and change their room environment.

Take a look at our Brick Effect Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper!

23 Jul


We would like to introduce our Brick effect Self Adhesive Vinyl wallpaper to you.
Many consumers take an interest to try this Brick effect wallpaper which you can applying on your wall.

The brick wallpaper style will give great effect which will look modern, warm and makes it look calm.

This brick wallpaper suits home, cafe/restaurants etc environment.

The brick wallpaper design will give a change to your home environment.

Why don’t you take an interest in this brick effect self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper and try it out!

A new mummy decorates her daughters room with beautiful Decowall butterflies

27 Mar


One of our lovely customers tweeted us a stunning picture of our wall sticker for us to share on our blog…

Jenna mum of three from Basingstoke wanted to do something personal and special in the kids room and fell in love with our 30 vibrant butterflies wall stickers. With her eye on the design Jenna decided to create her own flowing butterfly effect in her new baby girls room. What a great result I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

Decowall’s famous brick effect wallpaper transforms Mi-Shake…

27 Mar

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Our brick effect wallpaper receives great feedback from professionals designers and the everyday DIY customer who purchase our great value high quality stylish product. Take a look at Mi-Shake in Eden Shopping Centre, Buckinghamshire who decided to revamp their store with our top selling item with stunning results…

To browse our wallpaper, professional vinyl, wall stickers and designer window film click here.

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