Bring a touch of Spring to your living space with Decowall

8 Apr

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Spring has arrived! So for this season Decowall highly recommends these four incredible designs from our range of high quality wall stickers for Spring 2014.

To decorate your newly painted walls, or to spruce up a part of the house in desperate need of something fresh and new, why not try the magnificent 38 colourful butterflies, or the beautiful 14 birds on a branch. Or maybe your into the picturesque 4 branches and bird houses or the explosion of pink that is the wonderful cherry blossoms and birds wall set.

If you are looking for a little enhancement to your book shelf or around the window, or want to surprise the kids in their rooms each set will be a great addition to your wall. But if you are feeling extra creative these wall decals can easily be used not just individually but also can be integrated together giving you far more freedom to create something special and unique.

Decowall customers often combine our sticker sets in an almost infinite variety of combinations, even schools, nurseries, hospitals and retail premises can create almost any scene they put their mind to.

Other Spring designs you may like, including Decowall’s poppies, tulips, sunflowers, magnolia’s, hanging ivy, orchids, barley, dandelions and clover stickers to name just a few! Head to and see the huge range of options that would be perfect to add Springtime to your wall!

We love the transformation of Spring and our extensive range of outdoor themed decals are perfect to give your home, shop, work space a Spring theme without the need for time consuming wallpapering or major redesigns, just simply peel, stick and create.

The butterflies are exquisite floral prints and are loved by every customer that has bought them and shown them off to their friends!

The 14 birds on a branch are also made from our exclusive incredible floral prints, as are the birds that accompany the 4 branch set making an exceptional piece of art for you to enjoy however you choose to position them. Check out our Cherry Blossom & Birds blog to see if this set is the right one for you!

So unleash your creativity today and use our wall stickers to enrich your living space and bring a touch of Spring to your walls!

Product Review: Cherry Blossoms and Birds

3 Apr

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Decowall brings you many amazing high quality wall stickers to enrich your living space, here we will take a closer look at a delightful vivid wall decal featuring beautiful Cherry Blossoms & cute Majiro Birds.

Cherry blossoms historically symbolise the transience of life, power, love & femininity.

The Oriental White Eye birds which accompany the Cherry Tree branches in this set are also considered the “Herald of Spring” so naturally reinforces the Cherry Blossom symbolism in this fantastic wall sticker set.

The blooming of the Cherry Tree is celebrated annually worldwide as it is one of the most beautiful natural events and definitely a great choice for your wall giving you the magic of Springtime all year round.

Decowall wall stickers use the best and safest materials so that you can be sure that you are buying quality and at a great price too.

To purchase this product for your home or as a gift to a friend you can go to our Cherry Blossoms and Birds page click here

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Spring 2014 Promotion: Buy 3 Wall Stickers Get One FREE!

1 Apr

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Treat your kids to a cool wall, or transform a plain wall in your home into a beautiful one by adding a high quality Decowall design. Our stickers are the best you will find anywhere and you can use them just for a while or keep them up, customers have even commented that they move them around the house or use them for special occassions even though they are not reuseable!


Get to our 3 for 1 store before 4th May 2014 and you will also get £5 off any purchase over £25 automatically added to your basket at the checkout!!!

Hurry while stocks last click here.

Enrich Your Living Space With Decowall Window Films

28 Mar


South facing rooms at home or work, as you know, quickly become inhospitable places to be in as they get far too hot when the warm weather arrives with all that extra sunlight beaming into the room. And, they can also become uncomfortable places to be in not just because of the unwanted heat but also they become far too bright to live or work in as they suffer from glare for many hours a day, and that can put the furniture situated in the room at risk of damage.

Blinds and curtains are the more expensive traditional solution for bright rooms and conservatories with too much sun coming in, and can certainly help up to a point, but they do not have the ability to effectively reflect the heat that is trying to get in like a POV Window Film can.

These hi-tech window films will also continue to work for you when the seasons change to Autumn and Winter. Your Decowall window film will keep the room not only looking stylish, but will also continue to save you money, and environmental impact, by reducing heating bills as the extra layer of protection that keeps you cooler in the summer now will insulate the heat from the cold outside.

Decowall Fixpix & POV Window Films can therefore work actually help cool and insulate the room therefore saving money on heating bills in cold climates and reduce air conditioning bills for cooling rooms in hotter climates.

Our other ranges of Window Film offer the creative DIY enthusiast a chance to add beautiful decorative touches to windows to transform kids rooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms with borders, or complete coverings of any window pane that is waiting for attention. Furthermore, a window that has been transformed by window film also becomes shatterproof which is a great help to those with kids and those looking for this added security function.

So what are you waiting for? Get to our Decowall store and find your perfect window film to enhance your south facing room and make it a wonderful place to be in once again.


It’s just stickers, what good could it be? (1)

14 Mar


Children tend to test their physical abilities by moving stuffs around or operating them. Surprisingly, stickers can be a very effective tool to settle such desire and educational at the same time. Children find affection to their creation when they peel & stick with their inexperienced muscle. They feel the sense of accomplishment by decorating their beloved belongings or surroundings. Their intention is to announce ‘It’s mine!’ is dissolved in such deed. Let your child help you putting up wall stickers for you and they will recognise and enjoy the ownership of the space as well as the accomplishment coming from helping their parents.

It’s so simple to peel the wall stickers and stick them on the wall for adults like us. However, it’s a rather fine and delicate work for children’s inexperienced muscle. It requires exquisite manipulation of little hands which then requires high level of concentration. Cerebrum, the part of brain that orders your body parts, will become much more active which in return helps growth of brain in general and development of muscles. Astonishing ability to imagine virtual world gives your child more chances to demonstrate and develop their abilities to even further extent. For instance, your child may think of DW-1206 Jungle wall stickers as a zoo and him or herself as the owner. That way, they can place the animals wherever they want and start managing their own zoo every day. Basically, it’s an extension of their imagination to the real world and how these both worlds can be connected and differentiated.

Decowall wishes to provide something more than just wall stickers. In our next blog, which will be uploaded within 2 weeks, we’ll give you some examples of how parents and their child could play together with wall stickers depending on children’s age group.

How to Get Your Home Looking Fresh For Spring!

1 Mar


We’ve battled through the winter months, endured the endless rain and the freezing temperatures but spring is on its way and warmer weather will soon be here! Throughout the winter, the chances are that very few of us have had anything in the way motivation to embark on a home makeover project but now that spring has nearly sprung, it’s time to get our homes looking their very best!

Here at Decowall we are passionate about helping you to create a fresh, original look in your home without having to spend a fortune- a lot of us are still recovering from Christmas!

So how exactly do you go about making your home look fresh for spring? We have the answer…wall stickers. Take a look at some of the fantastic spring designs that are available.

11 Red Poppies: Inject some colour into a room by combining a pale wall colour with these vibrant, bright red poppies. You can position the poppies in whichever way you like to create an original and personal look.

Green Frogs and Leaves: The spring look is all about bringing nature inside and this wall sticker does exactly that. You can’t help but think of sitting by a lake and enjoying the sunshine with this natural design.

Growing Flowers: Adding an element of fun and personality into your room has never been easier. This sticker features coloured flowers that will brighten up any room!

If you’re struggling for inspiration then browse our huge collection of wall stickers; you’re bound to find the perfect design, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for! We also have a range of windows films and self-adhesive wallpapers to make your home makeover as easy as possible.

Are You Unsure About Window Film? See What Our Customers Say!

14 Feb



When you’re decorating your home it can be difficult to create an original look that shows off your personality and ensure that it meets all of your practical needs. Let’s face it; interior design is tricky at the best of times! Luckily, here at Decowall we specialise in wall decals and window films that can transform any room!


‘Window films’? You may not have ever heard of or ever thought about using a window film to enhance your home but the effect that it can create is astounding!


If you don’t believe us, take a look at what a couple of our previous customers had to say:


“This is a very nice looking product, especially when sunlight shines through and highlights the colours. It is definitely opaque; you certainly can’t see out of the window when it’s applied, but nor can anyone see in (even at night if the room is lit). It is very easy to cut and fairly easy to apply, and the roll gives pretty generous coverage.”


“What an amazing product…This window film did the job perfectly. It was easy to cut with scissors and is very good quality. It easily adhered to the window, but not so much that you couldn’t reposition it time and again…I love it and will do the same in our dining room with the leaves or sunflowers window film. I would buy this again and would certainly recommend it.”


You might think that we’ve just gone through a list of reviews and picked out the best of the batch but the truth is that we simply haven’t got enough space here to show you all of the incredible things that our previous customers have to say about our products.


Please visit our testimonials page to see for yourself what our customers are saying about our window films, self-adhesive wallpaper and wall stickers!


If you’re looking for something new and fresh to make your home come alive and show off your personality and style, our products are perfect; feel free to browse our site and find something that’s right for you. 

Bring the Outdoors In With Brick Effect Wallpaper

24 Jan



It can be difficult to create a truly original room these days; no matter what you try, there’s always someone else who has been there and done that. Of course, it is possible to be original but it can cost an absolute fortune.


Here at Decowall we are passionate about giving you the right tools to make your interior designs project as easy, stress-free and most importantly, as cheap as possible. Our brick effect wallpaper is a fantastic way to give your room a natural, creative feel without the cost and the hassle that would be involved if you were create real brick walls.


Make Your Decorating Simple


If you’re looking to create a vintage, shabby-chic bedroom then you’ll find that brick walls feature heavily in interior design guides and tips. Unfortunately, the processes involved in actually creating a real brick wall in your home can be incredibly time consuming, stressful and not to mention expensive.


A feasible solution to this is to use our brick effect wallpaper. It’s incredibly easy to apply and creates a beautiful, visually realistic finish. One of the biggest bonuses, of course, is that if you happen to change your mind about your interior design choices in the future, wallpaper is much easier to change than a real brick wall.


For more information about how easy it is to apply and remove our wallpapers, there’s a wealth of information available on both our wallpaper page and our earlier blog posts.


As well as wallpaper we also stock an impressive collection of wall stickers and window films; no matter what look you’re trying to create, you’re sure to find just the thing here at Decowall. 

Channel 5′s Celebrity Big Brother 2013

9 Jan


Do you watch Channel 5′s Celebrity Big Brother 2013?
We have supplied them our InFeel fablon (8503) which is covering the whole of their kitchen! Tell us what you think of the kitchen’s modern look!


How to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look for 2013

3 Jan



2013 is finally here and alongside your New Year’s resolutions, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about give your home a bit of a makeover. There’s no need to go overboard on the decorating though; the majority of us haven’t got the time or the money to even think about a large scale home makeover project. Here at Decowall we have the perfect solution to help you give your home a great new look without you having to break the bank and spend every weekend from now until next Christmas doing DIY: wall stickers.


What Are Wall Stickers?


A lot of people have never even heard of wall stickers before and the once they have, they begin to conjure images of children’s room covered in pictures of animals and fairies. Of course, at Decowall we do have stickers for children but we also have a whole lot more.


Our high quality, easy to use wall stickers are available in an incredible range of patterns, designs and styles; they’re simple to apply and remove to give any room an original, stylish and individual edge.


Don’t Make Decorating Needlessly Complicated


Sprucing up your living room or giving your bedroom a fresh new look will usually involve a ‘quick lick of paint’ which, of course, is never quick and can be expensive as well as time consuming. At Decowall, our wall stickers give you a simple and efficient method of creating a new look; all you need to do is:


-         Wipe the wall clean to ensure no dirt will become trapped beneath the sticker

-         Peel off the sticker and apply to the wall

-         Remove the sticker and reapply until you’re happy with the placement

-         Press down with a warm cloth to finish


Removing the stickers is easy and there’s no black residue left behind; decorating has never been easier.


Take a look at our great range of wall stickers to get some inspiration for your new look and have your home looking like new in no time at all!


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