Back to School Kids Wall Stickers

11 Sep

Alphabet & Numbers Easy Learning

Now that it is back to school for the kids why not surprise them when they get home from their day of learning with a beautiful Decowall sticker set in their room.

If you buy the right wall sticker it will only take a few moments to put up and you will be secretly helping them learn while they are enjoying the new burst of colours and beautiful designs that are loved by our customers who give us great feedback on their experiences of our products.

For the younger kids the alphabet collection will be great at boosting their ABC’s, and the transport stickers can help them learn about different types of vehicles from cars to lorries, trains to planes, boats to hot air balloons – we have loads to choose from.

For those that want to learn about nature we have animals, insects, birds and sea creatures that can boost their learning skills and help them pass their tests at school!

And finally we have our extremely popular world map stickers and planets of the solar system so there are plenty of cool educational stickers that you can stick up easily on to their walls.

Get the Autumn 2014 looks with Decowall

4 Sep

We have plenty of amazing Autumn colours for our customers looking to freshen up their homes with the latest must have tones from the fashion world to harmonize your home.

So if you are looking to match the seasonal colour trend right now from the world of fashion and integrate these amazing colours in to your home try cognac, a classy and cultured brown, you can have a sample of our Adante Brown Luxurious Velvet Wallpaper, just follow the link.

Another must have on your walls, maybe in the kitchen, adding a futuristic touch will work wonders with our incredible metal effect self adhesive vinyl. Instead of going for plain neutral grey try something more striking, if your interested in trying this you can go to our INFEEL store for the best aluminium metallic low cost wall products.

Royal Blue and Bright Cobalt are this seasons Autumn blues that can go with the happening 2014 colours orchid, mauve, cypress green and aluminium to create a beautiful room anywhere in your house. Try our blues and beige self stick wallpaper here

Radiant Orchid and Mauve Mist are Autumn Colours that never look out of style and are in on the catwalks for 2014. You can update your home with these stylish trends by searching our huge range of timeless purples, we like this purple floral high quality wallpaper which is subtle and not overpowering follow the link and see here.

Save up to 80% off selected high quality self-adhesive wall stickers in our Summer Sale!

17 Jul

Summer Sale

Our latest sale will leave you with plenty to spend on your summer holiday as Decowall unveils its grand summer sale.

Over 50 items in from our high quality wall sticker collection will be reduced greatly up to 80%.

Our Birds in Bird Houses stickers and 26 Colourful Butterflies are among our most popular items and for the children we recommend Robots in Space for the boy’s and The Sweet Castle for the girls.

For those of you back from vacation and looking to remind yourself of a great getaway then we have the perfect wall stickers for recent visitors to Paris, New York, Australia, Italy and Holland

Whatever your style. You’re sure to find a great deal on high quality wall stickers at

Infrared Rejection

10 Jul

Originally posted on Window Film Online:

Window Films are capable of rejecting Infrared (IR) but oftentimes this can be mistaken for Total Solar Energy Rejection. Improperly educated window film dealers, crafty marketing on the part of manufactures, and a lack of standardized testing can propagate misinformation leading a consumer to conclude that a window film will reject up to 98% of the heat! This just isn’t true at all. Let’s take a few paragraphs and learn what infrared is, why it is listed on some specification cards, and how IR rejection should be interpreted.

Infrared –What is it?

Energy created by the sun travels to earth in different wavelengths. These wavelengths make up what is known as the “Electro Magnetic Spectrum” or EM spectrum for our acronym dependent crowd out there. The diagram above illustrates how differing wavelengths affect us in different ways. When it comes to our windows and energy control we are affected primarily…

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Decowall Promotion: Up to 40% off Window Films

19 Jun


At Decowall we are renowned for our high quality DIY products and our window films are no exception. We stock adhesive and static cling and boast over 60 varieties so there is something for everyone, and we only use the best quality materials to ensure your environment is safe from nasty chemicals and the product delivered to you is stylish, functional and great value.

For a limited time we have gone one step further in the value stakes and have reduced many of our top designs up to 40% so you can create a dream living space at home or an office, store that exudes elegance and charm.

Our linen effect and milky rain effect window films are great subtle design, we also have bold stained glass window films and many floral patterns if you want the natural look.

But the pick of the bunch has to be our City skyline in white if you want to make a real talking point in any room in the house that needs a modern touch.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add value to your property and enhance your living space without too much fuss just head over to our Decowall store before June 25.

Decowall new in stock: Newgate iconic clocks

17 Jun

Newgate Clocks In Stock

Decowall has partnered up with Newgate to bring your walls the most fabulous wall clocks from this stylish British brand.

Newgate specialises in the creation of iconic alarm clocks, travel alarm clocks, mantel clocks and impressively oversized wall clocks. Their designs are heavily influenced by classic, vintage and retro design of the past and by adding a touch of modernism, these clocks are versatile as they suit both traditional and contemporary style homes.

The company’s determination to create clocks of outstanding appeal speaks volumes when you hear their fan base includes TV celebrities, super models, movie stars, and famous hotels and restaurants that adorn their walls with Newgate Clocks. Lifestyle magazines and newspaper supplements choose to feature Newgate Clocks on a regular basis, and you will often see our clocks make appearances on various TV and movie sets.

In short, Newgate is not only ‘the’ destination brand for clocks but a British icon, keeping Great British Design alive.

Take a look at our store now and hurry while stocks last!

Wood effect wallpaper can really help you create an incredible finish to your home for less

3 Jun

When designing a room there are so many directions you can take to create your masterpiece, one of the best ways to create a natural look without the fuss and huge expense of using real wood is to go for quality vinyl.

Our vinyl wood effect wallpapers are of the highest possible quality and have been endorsed by many top designers and TV shows as they are incredibly realistic and are self-adhesive, we also have a flame retardant range. Our exclusive brands have been the choice for top designers like Pepe Calderin (Miami), TV companies (Channel 4 & 5), airports (Icheon, Korea), top hotels, theatre halls, and luxury yachts all have had the INFEEL natural look enhance their high quality appearance.

So if you are still hesitant about using wood effect remember that you can use it in many different ways, to cover a few small areas, borders and even wrap it around pillars, fireplaces and wall features.

With many great wood effects to choose from at Decowall you can create an amazing living space/ work space for only a fraction of the cost of real wood.

You can also combine the wood effect vinyl from our catelogue with other great styles like our glossy modern vinyl range, or the marble effect, we also have a great set of natural looking bamboo and paperweave, even stylish leather effects and damask patterns, at Decowall we have it all and at great prices.

Turn your windows into something special

30 May


When decorating your home it is easy to overlook the fact that there are many simple cost effective ways to enhance a particular space to make it look amazing or to make it more functional. Getting the balance of more light or trying to cope with too much light is critical in making any room a great space for living.

Window films are easy to overlook when you are planning what to do with a bathroom, kitchen, kids room or living rooms and are looking for something inexpensive that can really make a room beautiful. Window films are stylish and add privacy, and can reduce the negative effects of too much sunlight entering a south facing side of your home.

Our window films start from as little as £5 per square metre for our Sky Trip decorative film for keeping the sunlight levels down in kids rooms and playrooms, right up to £17.95 per sq m for our premium World Famous Landmarks a popular window film used by our creative customers for final touches in giving bathrooms and hallways with large windows a wonderful modern feel.

At Decowall we have the best frost effect window film perfect for privacy and UV control. We have a great range of easy to install adhesive films and also a range of easy on easy off static cling decorative products if you want to be able to remove the film you can with very little fuss.

There are a huge range of geometric designs, gradation effects, natural patterns, oriental styles along with imitation blinds, stained glass effects and high quality privacy solar control window films that you can browse at our store and request a few samples from us.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add the WOW Factor to your home with Decowall window films

When should your child start to learn the Alphabet?

15 May

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Children can start to recognise some letters of the alphabet as early as 2 years old and by the time they’re four or five they should be able to understand most of the alphabet.

That means that you can start introducing the whole alphabet to your child in their third to fourth year, and, with Decowall here to help with our great designs they will soon be able to master the English alphabet and maybe go top of their play school class!

Our alphabet collection feature seven great wall stickers that you can see in our gallery above. Our favourite design has to be the Alphabet Tree Giant Wall Sticker, with its big bold letters ready for you to stick them wherever you choose on the tree.

The top pick as a great learning aid has to be the Alphabet and Numbers Easy Learning set as you get little songs to go with the illustrations as well as giving them help with mastering basic numbers.

If you are looking for something more high fashion, with a more mature appearance perhaps to go in the hallway, kitchen, conservatory, our most stylish looking sets to blend in with the rest of the house are the Alphabet, Animals and Polka Dots, we really love the fonts in this one and the Animals in Vehicles is a very cute nursery wall sticker set and great artwork.

And if you just want a great collection of letters to write something personalised on their wall then you must try out our Rainbow Alphabet Stickers with a colourful selection of vowels and consonants along with a few exclamation marks and question marks.

Decowall has a fantastic range of stickers and at great prices at our online store that enhance their rooms walls and get them familiar with their A to Z, remember, you can also decorate their walls with one or more of our range of 200 amazing kids wall stickers saving you time on repainting and fussing about with wallpaper installation. These also make a great gift or will work perfectly in schools, hospitals and nurseries.

As ever, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality wall stickers that are beautiful, safe to use in your kids room, and fantastic fun to install and enjoy, trust Decowall for quality and value.

Wall Stickers Promotion: Buy 3 for £30

8 May

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We have 28 great wall stickers that are being discounted for one week only! Grab a bargain quick and decorate your living room, kids room, office or kitchen with Decowall high quality, non-toxic wall decals that are easy to apply, repositionable and easy to remove. Visit


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